Human Resources

As an Accredited Partner of MAUS Business Systems RF Business Solutions has access to a wide range of Software and material that will help you improve your business performance.

Human Resources

Employees are a vital asset for any business and a good employee is one who needs to be retained, but how does a small business ownerTeam of construction workers know how to find the best employee and what to do to keep that employee?  There is the legal minefield relating to employment whish needs to be navigated correctly and if not, can often leave the small business owner on the wrong side of a legal action.

This is where products in this section con help. The human resources tools give you all the information you need to hire and retain your staff while at the same time, adhering to federal and state legal requirements.

Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Manual – We can help you create your customised Manuals

Policies Manual and an Operations Manual are designed to help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporation procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.

The innovative software available will allow you to create a handbook that is specific to your business, not just a collection of standardised policies and procedures.  An operation handbook translates a company’s business direction into clear goal and easy to follow guidelines.

Job Descriptions – Customised Job Descriptions.

The software  we have available through  MAUS means having comprehensive and up-to-date job descriptions for your employees provides your organisation with many benefits.  Job Descriptions provide employees with an accurate understanding into what their job entails, their responsibilities and other important specifications which assists in maintaining focus.

Performance review.

RF Business Solutions in conjunction with MAUS Performance Review help you create performance appraisals ready for your employees.  This is an important aspect of securing employee engagement in your business which is one of the ingredients of improved profitability.

OH&S Plans

RF Business Solutions in conjunction with MAUS OH&S Planner will help you develop your policies and procedures through a simple question and answer approach.

Comprehensive and easy to understand, OH&S Planner will guide you step by step on how to create an OH & S committee, action plans, outline of emergency procedures and monitor ongoing safety performance.

Employee Manual

RF Business Solutions in conjunction with MAUS Business Systems will help companies develop their own employee manual with incorporates all their policies and procedures and forms.

This will turn an arduous, time consuming activity in to an eye opening experience.  The result – your company’s own employee manual, specifically customised to suit your requirements.